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A decentralized networking platform based on smart contracts, together with NFT technology, which brings people together from all over the world and opens up endless possibilities new economic financial systems


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All data is stored in the blockchain in the public domain and can be verified!

Contract address eth: 0x5acc84a3e955Bdd76467d3348077d003f00fFB97

Contract addresstron: TREbha3Jj6TrpT7e6Z5ukh3NRhyxHsmMug

Contract address busd: 0x5acc84a3e955Bdd76467d3348077d003f00fFB97

Technology of smart contracts and non-fungible tokens

Decentralized marketing is powered by the revolutionary technology of smart contracts and NFTs. The Forsage smart contract code is completely open. You can be sure of its safety and long-term performance

Convenient office

Interactive online visualization of active slots showing your unique NFT collection and
your financial progress.

Frequently asked Questions

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The functioning of Grow More is fully blockchain-protected. Participant leaves no personal data and has only his cryptocurrency wallet address connected via WEB 3.0 technology as a login. The entire Forsage infrastructure is built on the operation of tamper-proof smart contracts, and the website is simply a projection of data from the blockchain. It makes no sense to hack into the website..

Participation in Grow More BUSD is the automatic activation of NFT levels in two marketing programs. Activation costs start at 10 BUSD, not including minimum fees from the Smart Chain (BNB Chain) blockchain in the BNB cryptocurrency.

No special knowledge is required. Every participant must have their own smartphone or laptop with an installed app (Trust Wallet, TokenPocket or MetaMask), which has a personal Smart Chain (BNB Chain) cryptocurrency wallet set up. To register, you need to have at least a minimum amount - 10 BUSD, and some BNB for a blockchain fee.

Register on the website to gain access to the Forsage Academy and Community. Study the instructions, guides and articles on marketing so you're ready to go. If you have questions and need assistance, get help from other members in the Forsage Telegram Group: Activate NFT heroes and use them to make progress with your team.

All earnings to your wallet will only come from the activity of other members who open NFT cards. Forsage does not charge any additional fees.

NFT tokens are combined into collections with several million unique characters that are grouped by marketing plan (x3, x4, xXx, xGold). Each marketing plan is unique in its own way. Learn more about the marketing plans in this article.

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